Meat & Seafood

Meat & Seafood

Steeple Market is fortunate enough to have its own in-house butcher, dedicated to bringing the freshest, highest quality meats available at the best prices.

We have an extensive gourmet butcher block showcasing our finer cuts of beef, pork, lamb and seafood.  We also have a changing selection of gourmet items such as our famous steakhouse grilling tips, stuffed chicken breast, marinated lamb, venison osso buco,  stuffed pork chops, shrimp cocktail,  and seasoned kabobs ready to grill.  Looking for something different for a special event?  We can help with that too, just ask!

To provide our customers with the freshest burger, we grind our own beef every day, using only whole muscle meats for grinding. We NEVER buy any pre-ground meats!    We also make our own Italian sausage and breakfast sausage, following the same philosophy as the ground beef, we use freshly ground  pork and finish the process with our secret ingredients.

Calling all locavores… locally raised meat and poultry are now at the forefront. Our customers have asked, and we have responded. We have been working with local farmers to provide premium beef and poultry.

Boyden Beef – Cambridge, VT

Our local beef is sourced from Boyden Valley Farm,  in our bordering town of Cambridge.  Boyden beef is grass fed, naturally grown product, with no growth hormones.  The result is a well marbled, flavorful product.

Adam’s Farm – Westford, VT

Adam’s chicken is all natural, no growth hormones, raised on fresh vegetable grains, fresh water, and fresh air. And only 5 miles from Steeple Market! Available from April through December.   Ground turkey also available.    Thanksgiving orders will be taken for whole turkeys.  Keep checking back for details.

Additionally, we have offerings of local pork and lamb when there is market availability.

Are you looking for a place to source kosher and ethnic meats? Whatever it is you are looking for, we can get it for you!  For the barbecue enthusiast, we can provide you with those special barbecue meats – such as brisket, ribs, whole pigs, pork butts, and more.  Don’t forget the to look at our huge selection of BBQ sauces, marinades and brines.